Artificers – One Shot disrupters?

As a DM in an upcoming group where we’re running one shots I had a passing thought that could be problematic. Artificers take time to build items/weapons/whatever, in a campaign setting there’s down time, days and evenings for them to create an item but that’s not the case in a one shot.

If an artificer walks in with 6 goggles of night they created it could really throw off a game balance. If they hand out 4 caps of water breathing it could make one of the dungeon challenges stupidly simple and really throw some wrenches into my plans.

I really don’t want to limit the types of characters in my games and I don’t want to ask everyone for every single magic item they have on their character but I also don’t want to set up a jungle trek with pit falls and mobs to have someone give everyone a broom of flying and they cruise over everything reach the end and go ‘tada’…

The talk is to have these one shots kinda blend together and create a world that has these jobs in it but there’s not specific ‘time line’ or ‘down time’ between one shots. Sssooo the artificer class could theoretically create 4 caps of water breathing and muck up plans for a DM. Or create the brooms of flying and give them away to their fellow characters.

Am I over-thinking this? Or can some DMs maybe give me some insight into how to handle this/ideas/get over it you baby. I mean I’d take the last option too but I’m hoping there might be some more clever thoughts. 😛

If the consensus is ‘shut up and deal with it’ I’ll take it but you can’t blame a person for asking for input.


Edit ~ This is DND 5e in reference to UA Artificer.