At what modifiers are the attacks from the Two-Weapon Fighting feats made? [duplicate]

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I am aware that this may seem like a basic question or may have a duplicate (although I checked for both, and if this case I would happily remove the question) but I am curious about how many attacks and at what BAB those attacks are made if a character has if they go down the Two Weapon Fighting feat tree. Below are the feat descriptions of Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting and Greater Two-Weapon Fighting.

Improved Two-Weapon Fighting: In addition to the standard single extra attack you get with an off-hand weapon, you get a second attack with it, albeit at a – 5 penalty (see Table 8-10, page 160).

Greater Two-Weapon Fighting: You get a third attack with your off-hand weapon, albeit at a -10 penalty.

The Player’s Handbook is fairly clear that if the off-hand weapon is light then the penalties are -2/-2.


Assuming a 11 level fighter with BAB of +11/+6/+1, a strength bonus of +1(for the sake of simplicity), wielding a shortsword(1d6) in his mainhand and a kukri(1d4) in the off-hand.

How many and can he have and at what BAB if he has TWF, and ITWF? What weapons are used for each attack?

How many and can he have and at what BAB if he only has TWF, ITWF and GTWF? What weapons are used for each attack?