Custom Footprint and Posting Forms

So I created a custom platform configuration file to identify a form on Its like a craigslist site. When I run the poster it is only able to identify the form but failing to post anything at all. Here is my code;

FriendlyName=Gumtree Contact Form
Platform=Contact Form
PageMustContain=sending a copy
Footprint=’Message’ ‘Name’ ‘Email’ ‘Phone’ ‘Login to enable sending a copy to your email’
Success=<form class=”replyAd” data-attachment-size=”2097152″ data-gtm=”npc|R2SEmailBegin” data-success-msg=’Your message has been sent’>Your message has been sent</form>


Where could I be making a mistake?

NTFS vhdx On REFS Mirrored Storage Spaces

I’ve been trying to figure this out now for sometime, but haven’t found an answer.

I have a Server 2016 VM running on HyperV Server 2016.

It has a file storage VHDX formatted as NTFS that is sitting on a mirrored storage spaces virtual disk running ReFS.

Will the files on the VHDX have the benefits of the file integrity streams or would I need to do REFS on both the storage spaces and the VHDX?

Safe mail

My mail was hacked. I used mail gmail. I had no problems with it. I thought there was an update and I'm doing everything right. I received letters from gmail. This is the only thing that was strange.
Now I can't go to my mail. I lost my database in 10 years. My friends show me letters from my mail. They receive requests to transfer money to my account. I didn't do this and can't access my email.
I heard about mail hacking and personal data leakage. I thought it was so far away from me. I…

Safe mail

SEO and services.

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Chat & Project Management


Lately I was working with a friend on a new product which adds Project Management features to Telegram. It's not a bot. It's a visual tasks features which are integrated into the chat.

We're looking for beta testers. A team who would like to take it for a test run.
You can get more info about our product here:

Feel free to contact me if you're interested