Duty free without flying? [duplicate]

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  • Why do I need to leave the country before I can open my tax free consumables? [duplicate] 2 answers

Am I allowed to buy a cheap flight one way for 15$ just so that i can get through security in order to use duty free. Is that legal? And am I allowed to leave the airport without boarding my flight. If so, is there a way for me to cancel so that the flight wont wait for me?

Unknown status bar icon – Galaxy note 9

Today I (very briefly) spotted a new icon in my status bar. It looked like a little person icon (head and shoulder, silhouette kind of thing) with sound waves on the right (like WiFi signal but horizontal).

It was only there for a second so I wasn’t able to get a screenshot but will definitely try if i see it again.

I haven’t come across this icon in the 8 or so years that I’ve been using android and I can’t think of any obvious app that it would be for. I haven’t installed any apps in the last week or so either.

If it helps, I was on my Galaxy Note 9 on Oreo (8.1.0 / Samsung Experience 9.5), it is rooted (Magisk) and has Xposed installed.

Any help identifying this icon is greatly appreciated and I’ll update if I manage to get a screenshot.

Problema con REGEX en JavaScript

Estoy haciendo un regex que me permita lo letras (incluye ñ y vocales con tilde) y ciertos caracteres especiales. El problema es que el sistema no me permite el ingreso de las tildes pero si de la ñ….

    var texto       = $  ("#"+div+"").val();     var expresion   = new RegExp(/[^A-Za-z áéíóúÁÉÍÓÚ\u00f1\u00d1\/\-()_\r\n\t\f ]/g);     $  ("#"+div+"").val(texto.replace(expresion,"")); } 

el \u00f1\u00d1 me acepta la ñÑ

Is it normal to retest the entire sprint before pushing to UAT

I have <5 years experience in the software industry and this is my first time doing QA.

Before the stories in a sprint move to UAT, I am supposed to retest every single story in ~1 day in an environment between QA and UAT.

The purpose is that multiple teams have their own QA environment where they exclusively test their features. The extra environment is to make sure features developed by separate teams don’t interfere with each other.

This expectation seems surprising to me. I suppose this isn’t technically an entire sprints worth of work, since test cases have already been written, but it still seems like a lot for one or two days.

Is this normal/reasonable/typical for an agile project?

Update from 7.61 to 7.63 via ftp – Class ‘TYPO3\\PharStreamWrapper\\Behavior’ not found in ../includes/file.phar.inc [duplicate]

This question is an exact duplicate of:

  • Drush 8.1.18 not working in Drupal 7.63 [duplicate]

I’ve just tried to update my Drupal 7.61 to 7.63 via pushing the update via ftp (no drush on my OVH website) After starting my website, I try to launch update.php but nothing appear.

In my error.log file, I’ve this error: [Thu Jan 17 17:22:37.786182 2019] [fcgid:warn] [pid 12365] [client ….] mod_fcgid: stderr: on line 26

The PHP version of my website on OVH is 5.5.38.

If I install the old version 7.61, all is functionnal. I try to install the 7.62 version, but i’ve the same error

What is variation of the Chern-Simons functional, and why can it be calculated as follows?

Let $ G$ be a Lie group. Assume that we have an Ad-invariant bilinear symmetric form $ $ <-,-> : \mathfrak{g} \times \mathfrak{g} \to \mathbb{C}.$ $ Given a smooth manifold $ X,$ we let $ \mathcal{M}_X$ denote the moduli space of flat connections on principal $ G$ -bundles, modulo gauge equivalence. One can then show that the Chern-Simons action determines, for each closed surface $ Y,$ a hermitian line bundle $ $ \mathcal{L}_Y \rightarrow \mathcal{M}_Y$ $ with a connection $ \theta.$ Further, for each compact oriented $ 3$ -manifold $ X,$ we get a parallel section $ $ s:\mathcal{M}_X \rightarrow r^*_X \mathcal{L}_{\partial X}$ $ of the pullback bundle by the restriction $ \mathcal{M}_X \to \mathcal{M}_{\partial X}.$

I have read that the fact that $ s: \mathcal{M}_X \to r_X^* \mathcal{L}_{\partial X}$ is a parallel section implies that the variation can be computed through parallel transport. This should be done by integrating the connection $ \theta$ along the restriction of the path to the boundary. My questions are:
1. What does “variation of the Chern-Simons action” mean in this context?
2. Why can it be computed as claimed?

Como eu faço esse if?

Se o usuario não sair de uma activity através de um botão roda o código.

Exemplo: Tenho um botão sair(que da apenas um finish) na activity e se o usuário sair da activity sem clicar no botão, seja de qualquer outra forma, roda um código.

Exemplo 2: Numa activity tem 1 textView, 1 plainText e 1 botao.

O plainText mostra dois 2 números aleatórios e o usuário tem q escrever o resultado da soma deles e depois clicar no botão para confirmar, se ele sair de qualquer outra forma que não seja o botão(Confirmar), ele volta para a tela inicial do aplicativo!

Do ability scores force a character to act in a certain way? [duplicate]

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  • How do character stats affect the personality of the character? 7 answers

As a group, most of the players at our table are fans of rolling for stats. This leads and has led to multiple amazing characters and some .. a bit less amazing.

Something that is rather consistent is that players are often good at emphasizing what their characters are specialized in based on their stats (for example: the charismatic bard, the nimble rogue, the strong barbarian). The thing that lags behind in this concept are often the characters flaws that come from their lower skills.

The roll of the dice gives us a basic way of handling this, because the character will simply fail a lot of the checks related to this skill, but this only goes so far.

An example was our recent very charismatic (17) warlock who wasn’t that blessed when it came to Intelligence (7). The problem here is that the player behind the character is far from dimwitted and has an in-depth knowledge of the lore of the world that’s being played in.

The question is two-fold:

  1. Should a DM enforce a base-level of adherence to a characters stats when they’re RPing?
  2. If yes, what would be a good way of enforcing this?

Shouting “Your character doesn’t know that, they are not intelligent enough!” whenever the player makes a profound observation about History or the use of Arcana will most likely turn stale very quickly.