auto connecting bluedio bluetooth headset

I have a bluedio bluetooth headset with Ubuntu 18.04. I can successfully connect it and have High Quality output. But I need to manually connect to my headset every time . Whenever i turn my headset on , it instantly connects and disconnects to my pc , then i connect it again when it goes to pairing mode after a few seconds.

Below is the bluetoothctl output:

[NEW] Controller YYYYYYYYYY yigit-P50t [default] [NEW] Device XXXXXXXX Bluedio T Agent registered [Bluedio T]# trust XXXXXXXXX Changing XXXXXXXXX trust succeeded [CHG] Device XXXXXXXXX ServicesResolved: no [CHG] Device XXXXXXXXX Connected: no [CHG] Device XXXXXXXXX Connected: yes [CHG] Device XXXXXXXXX Connected: no [bluetooth]# trust XXXXXXXXX Changing XXXXXXXXX trust succeeded [bluetooth]# connect XXXXXXXXX Attempting to connect to XXXXXXXXX [CHG] Device XXXXXXXXX Connected: yes Connection successful [CHG] Device XXXXXXXXX ServicesResolved: yes