Beholderkin equipment [closed]

My party is about to face a beholderkin overseer. Its Major Creation ray states that it uses it to create miscellaneous gear that could be useful to itself or its minions. What sorts of items might it create? I cannot think what items a beholder or beholderkin might find useful.

I looked in Lords of Madness for a reference, and it had some beholder magic items, but did not have any suggestions for what common items beholders might find useful. Might there be any written source for such a list?

I did find at RPGNet a list of 101 uses for Major Creation, but these are all human uses. Very few of them would be useful to a beholder.

Here are some of the ones that I liked from the list:

  • Pile of Fool’s Gold Coins
  • Caltrops
  • Weapons/armor (what sort of weapon/armor could a beholder wear?)
  • Aquarium (could this work to start drowning a PC?)

My own idea: Poison (can you create poison with Major Creation?)

Edit: For context, here are the specifics of my campaign.

The party is tier 4, currently 11th level. The party consists of:

  • Warlock
  • Fighter / Rogue / Master Thrower
  • Ranger / Halfling Outrider
  • Adept / Church Inquisitor

The party has obtained the assistance of some NPC allies (a pirate crew):

  • Bard / Marshall / Legendary Captain (11th level – Captain)
  • Ninja / Scarlet Corsair (11th level – First Mate)
  • Barbarian / War Hulk (8th level – Muscle)
  • Warmage (6th level – siege engineer)
  • Barbarian (5th level – ship hand)
  • Expert (4th level – ship hand)
  • Warrior (3rd level – ship hand)

The pirate crew, while allies with the party, obviously have their own agenda, but can lend aid in the fight against the beholder.

Both the party, the beholder, and its thralls seek entrance to a sealed-off castle. The magics sealing off the castle extend into the astral plane (so the Helm of Teleportation the beholderkin overseer found is useless in gaining entrance).

The party convinced the beholderkin that they were allies, but withheld the information on the specifics of how to enter the castle (mainly because they did not know how to gain entrance). The party is well-aware that the beholderkin will betray them at its earliest possible convenience. The party claimed they needed more powerful magics to gain access, to which the beholderkin suggested they raid a nearby drow city to obtain more power (the drow have actually been raiding the beholder’s lair, and the beholder hopes that the party will be slaughtered, and in the process, cause injury to the drow, all without the beholder having to use any of its own resources).

Instead, the party betrayed the beholderkin and allied themselves with drow who worship the Shadow (which was a bit surprising to me, as the drow attempted to betray the party every time they tried to interact with them). Still, they stayed true to the course, and decided to maintain their tenuous alliance with the drow.

The party had several options for where to obtain information for how to get past the magical barrier. The drow certainly have a method of access (although the drow claim the castle holds little mystery for them). Basically, the drow have access to Shadow Walk, which would allow the party to bypass the barrier. Similarly, the party could have sought a source of etherealness to bypass the barrier.

The drow refuse to provide the means to traverse the barrier without the party first dispatching of their beholderkin enemies. So, the party plans to return to the beholders and slaughter them all.

So, that is where the party is at. The beholderkin overseer has the following forces under its thrall:

1 beholder (CR 13) 2 directors (CR 8 each) 7 spectators (CR 4 each) 8 gauths (CR 3 each)

Additionally, the beholderkin has allied itself with a goblin (blue) thrallherd who has a small army of goblins. This alliance is based entirely around Dominate Person, which the beholderkin applies judiciously to the blue (ensuring a permanent domination of the entire goblin tribe).

The party has plans to break the beholderkin’s thrall using Protection from Evil to temporarily make an alliance with the goblins (for a period of 11 minutes per casting). They hope to cause the goblins and the beholderkin to slaughter each other (massacre/massacre). Then, once that settles down, they hope to face a severely depleted beholderkin force.

Beholders, being of incredibly high intellect, likely have prepared for this eventuality, and would want to have plans on top of plans for what to do when the goblins eventually revolt. So, this will not be a surprise to them. Still, the goblins will manage to slay several of the beholderkin forces before being annihilated to a man.

But then, it will be the party’s turn. The main beholder will be killed (as was the beholderkin overseer’s plan all along to remove a rival who was increasingly becoming difficult to control and finding ways to break the domination effect), leaving the overseer vulnerable. Once the party dispatches the remaining beholderkin, it will come down to a fight between the overseer and the party. It is this final battle I am trying to prepare for.

So, what specific items might the overseer create for the beholderkin that survive?