Beholderkin Overseer’s Major Creation: Can it be used offensively?

According to Lords of Madness, the Beholderkin Overseer’s Major Creation eye ray requires a full round action to use (instead of the standard 10 minute casting time). It has a range of 180 ft. (instead of the standard Close range). But, it says that, “It has no offensive function”.

Does this mean the overseer should not use the eye ray offensively? Or does it mean it cannot use it offensively? For example, the overseer could create 14 cubic feet of platinum 180 feet in the air above an enemy. Since it is a supernatural ability to create, it cannot be prevented except by killing the overseer. At the end of the round, 18,000 lbs of platinum appears in midair and begins falling. Was this possible? Is this an “offensive function” that the overseer cannot make use of?

Can the overseer create mundane weapons? Or would that be considered an “offensive function”? For instance, in combat, could the overseer create an Adamantine weapon and use its telekinesis to sunder every weapon the party has?

I am not looking for RAI, as this creature is too open to make that determination. By an RAW reading, should I assume that any offensive purpose is somehow impossible for the overseer? What about creating traps out of combat? Or is that simply fluff text, and the creators never really gave it enough thought to realize it has a ton of offensive potential?

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