Best compositing manager for Steam VR

I have a Hades Canyon NUC with a AMD Vega M GPU, and it seems to be powerful enough for VR – the mirroring view is almost flawless – but on the headset itself the view is jumpy when moving around. It’ll display the move correctly, but then a frame will be displayed with the previous position, before it settles back on the correct position. Framebuffer issues right? (Tracking is perfect in the mirror view)

There’s a whole lot of stuff about “allow applications to block compositing” but that seems to apply to KDE, and standard Ubuntu 18.10 (Gnome 3?) turns off compositing “automatically”

As far as I know, I’ve installed vulkan properly and windows games do run (proton/steam play).

What compositor should I be using to get the best results with SteamVR?

Related questions that I can think of or arise while performing the answer to the main question (let’s make this easier for people with the same problem as mine):

  • Does my desktop need to be the same “flavour” as the compositor? (Ubuntu -> Gnome, KDE to KWin etc)
  • What settings should I set (or be looking at in general) for the chosen compositor?