Best Database to be shipped with my application?

I have a .net core application using a database. I need to create an installer using nsis where I will be packaging my application along with a database , so that the client can easily install my application and database along with all its dependencies using a simple wizard.

I want a suggestion regarding the database.


  1. Easy to install, it must be lite weight , as much less dependencies as possible, have zip binaries to install, and error free during installation.
  2. Database should be able to handle large no of records and remote connections.

what I have tried:

  • MSSQL Server: no binary file option, has large size and has so many dependencies.
  • SQLite: it’s a file based, no remote connections possible
  • PostgreSQL: it was a perfect choice, but it has many installation issues and bugs, even the official installer is failed to install on some of the machines.