Best Gishy (fighter/wizard) type for DND 5e? [closed]

I have a certain fondness for characters that use both sword and magic (gishy). I am looking at a DND 5E game and trying to figure out the best way to build the character.

Prior to DnD becoming popular, this was common in fiction. Gandalf famously wielded Glamdring and depending on the author many early versions of the arthurian legends had Merlin wielding a sword. While not a sword exactly, many modern wizard tropes originated with Odin who used the mighty Gyngur. The Jedi are basically fighter/wizards.

I put fighter/wizard in the title for people who don’t know the term "gishy", but there is no requirement that the build actually use either. Obviously, Eldritch knight leaps to mind, but that seems to emphasize the sword heavily over magic and its not clear that is the best option. "Pact of the blade" warlock seems to be an option. Which of those is better or is there another option I’m overlooking?

The constraints are:

  • Characters will start at level 5.
  • There is no fixed endpoint, but realistically I’m far more concerned about level 10 than I am about level 20.
  • I would like both sword and magic to be relevant between levels 5 and 10. That doesn’t mean they need to be balanced. A build that focused on magic but still realistically found the occasional reason to use the sword would be fine. Conversely, a build that focused on the sword for damage dealing but got genuine use out of magic at all levels would be fine.
  • I’m more worried about being good against one strong enemy at a time than being able to handle crowds.
  • Multiclassing is allowed. I have the Players Handbook and Xanatar’s Guide to Everything, but I can probably get permission to bring in other first-party sources.

Thank you,