Best practice for RabbitMQ with thousands of users whom require exclusive queues

I am new to RabbitMQ and I am considering using it for a situation where we have thousands of subscribed customers whom need to receive exclusive push notifications most of the times (as well as shared messages only sometimes). It means that (according to my knowledge so far) every single customer needs a single exclusive queue. But the problem is that every single queue means a single thread which is not reasonable and possible in my case to allocate enough hardware resources; Morover, I think it would be waste of resources, because number of messages each customer receives, would not exceed more that 10 messages per day (we currently use OneSignal, but for some reasons we have to switch to our broker).
I was looking for a suitable exchange type (something like headers exchange, but more flexible) that makes it possible to uni-cast a message to just a single member of a queue, so that I would need only one queue.
I need to know that:
1. Is it possible? If yes, how?
2. If no, what I am currently doing is the best practice?