Best way to get handle on the Ticks properties

There are a lot of questions already on Ticks. However I did not find a better way to handle ticks place, size etc.

I have a simple example where I want have some handle on the ticks position and size. I found the undocumented functionality ChartingScaledTicks from some of the previous questions in this forum which I think gives a great handle to tick-size. But when comes to choosing the Major/Minor ticks position I could not so far use it. And the problem is I do not know where I will get more information on this (apart from typing ?ChartingScaledTicks).

Lets take the following example where I want to set my Major ticks on even-places like 600,800,... etc.

ListLinePlot[Table[{x,x},{x,500,2000,100}],              Frame -> True,              FrameStyle -> BlackFrame,              FrameTicks->{{Charting`ScaledTicks[{Identity,Identity},TicksLength->{.05,.02}],None},              {Charting`ScaledTicks[{Identity,Identity},TicksLength->{.05,.02}][400,2000,8],None}} 


After playing a bit, I am able to show the Major ticks on x-axis appearing on even-100-places, the minor ticks are gone. I am sure that I am missing something for the minor ticks in the ChartingScaledTicks options but I dont know what should I do to make them reappear. Here is an example where y-axis is automatically taking Major ticks, in the x-axis I try to force Major ticks appear at even-hundred places.

How do I set position and size of Major ticks