bitcoin core wallet transactions syncing

ill explain the steps i want figure out.

I have an empty bitcoin core wallet .

Step 1. I backup the wallet and go offline.   Step 2. Someone send me a bitcoin to this wallet and i can see it(in balance). 

Step 3 .Ill restore my bitcoin core wallet to the initial point..

What will happen then ?

I assume that ill start over with the blockchain from scratch, And what will happen is that initially the balance will be 0 (since my node is not yet aware of the transaction). So ill need to synchronize up to the block where the transaction was included (this will take some time). At that time the balance will be updated. After that the synchronization will continue until it’s up-to-date with the head.

I’m trying to avoid making test this week because lake of time, So if someone can help and know the exactly answer, i will be glad to be updated ASAP .

If not , ill update after testing if its working as i mentioned above.