British and Iranian friends moving to mainland Europe together. Easiest way to get a visa?

A friend and I are considering a move to mainland Europe together.

I live in the UK. I was born here and have lived here for the duration of my life. My friend lives in Iran, where she was born.

We are considering a move to Germany or Norway, though this is not set in stone.

As a British citizen, I know that it will not be too difficult for me. Next year I will complete a TEFL course in order to ensure that I can find work easily and gain extra security when the brexit deal finally goes through.

Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of countries are dubious about issuing visas to Iranian citizens due to security risks.

Although the official stance is that all EU member states grant visas following the same criteria, a quick google search makes it clear that this is not the case in practice.

I would primarily like to know which EU countries will most readily issue a student or work visa to an Iranian citizen.

I also wonder whether it is more likely that my friend’s visa application will be approved if she intends to relocate with an EU citizen (fingers crossed Corbyn is elected and scraps brexit).