Browser crashes while using OffscreenCanvas.convertToBlob method large file in web worker

I’m trying to show Tiff File in browser, i successfully read Tiff using UTIF.js file, Where I am using Web worker to read Tiff format file . Some files are very large like 10,000 px height and 13,000 width, I need to show them in browser. Browser crashes while executing code OffscreenCanvas.convertToBlob method which return Promise object.

This is where i used Web Worker and Offscreencanvas , I have tried convertToBlob method with different parameter such as quality .6 and less also but still browser crashing.

UTIF.decodeImage(ubuf,utif[k]); var ubuf1 =UTIF.toRGBA8(utif[k]); var a =  new Uint8ClampedArray(ubuf1); var imgData = new ImageData(a,utif[k].width,utif[k].height); var canvas1 = new OffscreenCanvas(utif[k].width,utif[k].height); var ctx = canvas1.getContext('2d'); ctx.putImageData(imgData,0,0); var that = self; if(utif[k].width >2048) { canvas1.convertToBlob({type : "image/jpeg", quality : 0.3 }).then(function(blob) { that.postMessage(blob);                    }); } else { canvas1.convertToBlob( {type : "image/jpeg", quality : 1 }).then(function(blob) { that.postMessage(blob);                    }); } 

I am expecting browser should not crashes in large file scenario.

THanks a Lot in Advance.