Build An Advanced Messenger Chatbot For Your Business for $90

Are you getting a very low open rate and CTR in your email marketing? Are you tired of getting high cost per lead in your Facebook advertisement? Then you probably need a Facebook Messenger Chatbot Facebook Messenger chatbots are very easy to use and automated that drives the leads at a very low cost. Facebook has over 2 billion users and Messenger has 1.3 billion active users. what’s that mean? Your customer already leveraging the platform, you just need to target them. Who can take the benefit of this Marketing? Any type of service based agency, brand or offline stores. The main benefit of this chatbot is- It’s available 24×7 for your customers, you don’t have to present all the time to your messenger inbox. It increases your response time for the Facebook page. The Work Process: Message me for a free consultationI’ll help you to decide what will be best for your businessI’ll design flow and conversation script for your businessAfter your approval, we’ll set all the flow and launch your chatbotYou can get 30 days Free post-sales support and maintenance.ALERT: This is a standard package which includes an advance chatbot to collect leads and for automated customer services. If your business is small, you can check my basic package “Build A Basic Messenger Chatbot For Your Business” Thank you for trusting me

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