By VTM 5e, are the Kindred in the VtMB2 clan reveal trailers breaking any Camarilla laws?

For reference: As of this question being posted, the current released Bloodlines 2 clans are – Brujah, Tremere and Toreador (not counting Thin-blood).

This is prompted by how I saw a theory in the comments of one of the reveal videos, speculating whether the Kindred who appear in these videos might actually be the intended blood-hunt targets for the thin-blood pc.

They cited the following things as why they thought so:

Brujah – Very unsubtle looking cases of arson and murder which could attract some undesired attention

Tremere- Very messy blood ritual

Toreador- Filming herself eating/murdering someone

Whether or not the theory is correct (that not being the topic/question here – just context), the Toreador at least, I do agree is likely doing something they shouldn’t with making what is essentially a snuff video.

I’m not too sure of the severity of that by itself though, if she’s not actually distributing it (I don’t know), or about the others as they seem more of-norm.

So, my question is, with it in mind that the game does actually draw heavily and specifically from VTM 5E (even mentioning the fall of the Pyramid):

By the rules set in the VTM 5e rpg, are any of the kindred in the VtMB2 clan reveal trailers actually committing any violations/breaking any laws of the Camarilla during them?