Bypassing SSL pinning Using Frida issue

I am a penetration tester, and i was doing some SSL pinning Bypass using Frida.

I have pushed all the required files, certificates , burp is intercepting traffic from the Android Studio emulator.

i have performed the steps to run frida

[Android Emulator 5554::com.*****.**** ( flagged for ethical security reasons )]-> [.] Cert Pinning Bypass/Re-Pinning [+] Loading our CA... [o] Our CA Info: CN=PortSwigger CA, OU=PortSwigger CA, O=PortSwigger, L=PortSwigger, ST=PortSwigger, C=PortSwigger [+] Creating a KeyStore for our CA... [+] Creating a TrustManager that trusts the CA in our KeyStore... [+] Our TrustManager is ready... [+] Hijacking SSLContext methods now... [-] Waiting for the app to invoke SSLContext.init()... 

And when i try to interact with the application, the application is not allowing my request through because of the missing certificate and frida is not capturing the request and bypassing the pinning knowing that i have performed all the right steps.

I am here if anyone needs to ask more question .. can you please help with the above ?