C# program to check an item’s price against available credit

This is a working program to check an item’s price against available credit. I’m trying to simplify this program to the bare min. it would require to run so I’ll be better able to understand each part of the ‘if’ and ‘else’ processes. Is there a simpler way to write a program that accomplishes the task below? I’m new to C#, just trying to figure this stuff out.

Write a program named CheckCredit that prompts users to enter a purchase price for an item. If the value entered is greater than a credit limit of $ 8,000, display you have exceeded the credit limit; otherwise, display Approved.

using static System.Console;  namespace CheckCredit {     class Program     {         static void Main(string[] args)         {             const double CreditCheck = 8000;             string userInput;             double price;              WriteLine("This is a program designed to check an item's price              against your amount of available credit.");             WriteLine("Your credit limit is $  8,000.00.\n");              do             {                 Write("Please type the item's price:");                 userInput = ReadLine();                 if (!double.TryParse(userInput, out _))                 {                     WriteLine("Invalid input, please enter a whole or decimal number.");                     userInput = null;                 }             } while (!double.TryParse(userInput, out price));              if (price > CreditCheck)             {                 WriteLine(" You have exceeded the credit limit", price);             }              else if             (price == CreditCheck)             {                 WriteLine(                 "Approved.(*)\n\n\n"                 +                 "(*) It is exactly your credit limit.");             }             else             {                 WriteLine("Approved.");             }             ReadKey();         }     } }