Calculating percentiles of a FROM command

I have a query which generates a table of trials and values from a database (example pic below)

SELECT * FROM [ReMetrica].[ReMetrica_Result].[GetTrialValuesAsDouble] ('BD5E92F3-3A3B-43B4-BC22-409F34CE5980', 'Total', 'Net Loss', 1) 

which is an expression we’ve been given with this bit of software.

enter image description here

I can calculate the mean of all these trials by using:

SELECT avg(Value) FROM [ReMetrica].[ReMetrica_Result].[GetTrialValuesAsDouble] ('BD5E92F3-3A3B-43B4-BC22-409F34CE5980', 'Total', 'Net Loss', 1) 

However I’m trying to extend this to calculating percentiles as well with

SELECT percentile_cont(Value) OVER [ReMetrica].[ReMetrica_Result].[GetTrialValuesAsDouble] ('BD5E92F3-3A3B-43B4-BC22-409F34CE5980', 'Total', 'Net Loss', 1) 

which doesn’t work due to an ‘incorrect’ syntax after OVER. Could someone help me with where I’m going wrong?