Calculating Time Complexity of Algorithm Using Incrementor Variable

I am trying to calculate the time complexity of an algorithm using n in the code below.

I have a working solution to a coding challenge to sort a stack using only another stack, and I’ve added a counter variable n that is incremented anywhere an element in the stack is pushed, popped, or held.

The following code is written in JavaScript:

const sortStack = (stack) => {   let n = 0;   sorted = new Stack();   while ( {     tmp = stack.pop();     n += 1;       if (tmp >= sorted.peek()) {       sorted.push(tmp);       n += 1;     } else {       while (tmp < sorted.peek()) {         stack.push(sorted.pop());         n += 1;       }       sorted.push(tmp);       n += 1;     }   }   console.log("n: ", n);   return sorted; }  sortedStack = sortStack(s); sortedStack.printContents(); 

If my calculations and usage of n are correct, then this algorithm has an input n of 6 (length of stack) with a final n of 30, which would give it a time complexity of O(N*5).

Is this correct?