Can a bard cast a level 1+ spell and the Mantle of Majesty Command in the same turn?

For clarity

It’s already clear from several other question you may not maintain concentration on Mantle of Majesty and another concentration spell at the same time. This is not my question.


A creature may not normally cast 2 lvl 1+ spells in the same turn even if one is an action and the other is a bonus action. They may maintain concentration and cast a level 1+ spell that does not require concentration. They may also cast a cantrip and a level 1+ spell.

The question

Does the “Command” free level 1 spell as a bonus action granted by Mantle of Majesty qualify as a level 1+ spell preventing the bard from casting another level 1+ spell such as “Charm Person” or “Dispel Magic” on the same turn?

My thoughts

I suspect it does not as most abilities such as martial moves, ki, or breath weapons are not treated as spells. However I have not found any defense for this in any of the rulebooks.