Can a computer/MacBook be compromised/infected/hacker simply be requesting/attempt to join a network?

I was finishing a clean installation of macOS Catalina on my MacBook, and I was asked to select a wifi network. I misclicked on a wifi network with a name that’s very similar to mine and was asked to enter the password, obviously I cancelled it and selected my own network instead.

My question is: Can the act of requesting to join that network put my MacBook at risk? I am especially concern since I was still in the middle of finalizing my macOS Catalina’s setup, I wonder if A. Does Clicking on the wifi network itself and being asked to type in your password gives any information about my system that put it at risk ? B. Can the request itself cause my MacBook to get any virus that may be plaguing the devices on that network? Or if the person who owns the network is malicious, can they compromise my computer that way?

I am considering reinstalling my MacOS again just for safe measure…