Can a creature grasped by Grasp of Hadar move with the Warlock?

As a follow up to this question on Grasp of Hadar, I present the following situation. The warlock, under the fly spell’s influence, sees the Dire Wolf knock the party’s Rogue prone. It is now the Warlock’s turn.
enter image description here The warlock intends to pick up the Dire Wolf with Grasp of Hadar at point B, and if possible drop it off of the cliff when finishing movement for the Warlock’s turn at point C. We know that we can move/attack/move in this edition per PHB Chapter 9. The other Q&A showed that Grasp can cause the Dire Wolf to fall once “moved 10′ closesr” (up) to the flying Warlock with a successful Eldritch Blast / Grasp of Hadar hit. This might be a reach, but as it all happens on the Warlock’s turn:

  1. Does the Dire Wolf stay “10 feet closer” to the Warlock until the Warlock finished movement at point C and begin to fall at point Z?
  2. Can the Dire Wolf only begin its fall at point Y since Warlock picked it up at point B?

While I suspect that the answer is Case 2, something about how movement and attacks both happen during one’s turn make me suspect that Case 1 is possible. Is it?

(Attribution: pictures are jpg copies of Roll20 tokens of some humanoid, dire wolf, and commoner.
I believe that this constitutes fair use).