Can a druid cast wild shape mid-air to survive being dropped?

Let’s say that an Aarakocra picks up a dragonborn druid, and carries her up to an altitude of 125 feet. It would take her ~2.5 seconds to hit the ground when she’s dropped. Would she have enough time to cast wild shape during the fall into something that would survive the fall?

She wanted to be a mouse, which can theoretically survive a fall from any height due to its low terminal velocity. She also could’ve changed into something with a huge number of hitpoints and tanked the fall damage. Our main question is about casting the change mid-air.

We could not find any solid cast time for the change in the rules (5e).

Our group is all relatively new to D&D. We tried a quick pvp arena for fun and got crushed by the one guy who had been our DM for our first campaign, so he knew a bit more than us… Thanks for any answers!