Can a familiar’s greater steed(s) ‘Reincarnate’ with a Ring of Spell Storing?

Can a flock of Pegasii summoned mounts Reincarnate any humanoid with a (properly loaded) Ring of Spell Storing?

The points below are not really new per se but rather a cumulative-inductive discovery of StackExchange rulings. This is listed below:

  • A familiar &/or summoned mount can cast any spell from a Ring of Spell Storing.

  • A Ring of Spell Storing stores up to five spell-levels – thus fifth lvl max. (hence this includes Reincarnation)

  • The casting / catching of spells (specifically ‘Reincarnate’ in this case) does not seem to require components. Thus the 1000 gold worth of rare unguents is neither needed to ‘charge’ the ring, nor cast-use it.

  • Correct use of various summoning spells + Ring o’ SpellStore┬« allows each familiar &/or steed to have one (1) familiar + one (1) steed each, hence: Menagerie Ad nauseum.

Thus it seems that any character with previous access-planning to the right summoning and necromatic spells could have a flight of a few thousand loyal Pegasii striving to Reincarnate them (should they die).

If so: this seems impressive &/or surprising.