Can a Fireball, a fragile glass jar, and a lot of ball bearings make a “Claymore”-like explosive device?

My rogue has some ball bearings and of course, he wants to build Claymores. He talked to me about it beforehand since he was excited. I would like to see if he can make this work, but I told him lamp oil and the like doesn’t explode, but by all means, throw that pouch of lamp oil and ball bearings lit into a room and watch… slow burning ball bearings.

He has been thinking about it more and found oil of impact as an option but that is cost prohibitive for him ATM, but also he asked an interesting question: could the wizard cast a fireball into a breakable glass jar? (He got the idea from the Mad Manor of Astabar and the glass sphere in the wizard’s bedroom.) I looked around but couldn’t find any resources as to whether that is allowed.

Can he make that work?

The rogue and wizard in the party are level 5.