Can a hacker access your email address and then choose to do nothing?

Okay, I know my question might sound a bit weird, but I am in a situation where I need knowledge on the subject (btw, if someone can assure me that there was never a Discord or Google data breach since 2018, even unknown to the public, I would be grateful).

I have done a bit of research on what hackers look for in an email address, and it looks like any information is valuable to them, but a friend that knows about the subject has told me that it was possible that a hacker decides to do nothing to your account if you’re "broke or a child".

I was confused, because I think even in that case, it would be possible (and useful) for them to send emails to my contacts on my behalf or log me out and ask for ransom or something like that.

So, is it really possible that a hacker just gives up on your address, and if so, how likely is that ?