Can a non-magical human deal with flying targets without projectile/thrown weapons?

Say that for whatever reason, a martial character can’t use any projectile (sling, bow, etc.) or thrown (javelin, bloodstorm blade’s Throw Anything, etc.) weapons.

The whole region is also covered in a constant antimagic field, so supernatural attacks like the fan the flames maneuver won’t work (not that 30 feet is really going to counter most flying enemies), nor will a potion of fly or a magic sword with some sort of ranged special ability. It would also be a waste to take a spellcasting class and become a dragon disciple, since this is a martial character, and they live in an antimagic field.

And obviously the character isn’t of a race that has a fly speed of its own, because that would make it a non-issue. Let’s say they’re human.

Is there any way for the character to attack flying enemies (especially flying, ranged ones) from the ground, or bring the enemies down to the ground, or bring themselves up to the enemies in the sky (who we can assume are beyond any reasonable jump check and aren’t dumb enough to hang out near climbable walls)?

I’m expecting that this will rely on extraordinary class features or feats (which we’ll say are all available, unless they have a magical/non-human prerequisite), but there could be some other type of solution, I dunno. (Not 100% sure on the tags because I don’t know what sort of features will work)