Can a Panoply Savant have multiple implements of one school

The Pathfinder Occultist class is a class introduced in Occult Adventures that draws its magic from trinkets into which the character invest their "mental focus". One such trinket is known as an "implement" :

Implements (Su): At 1st level, an occultist learns to use two implement schools. At 2nd level and every 4 occultist levels thereafter, the occultist learns to use one additional implement school, to a maximum of seven schools at 18th level. Each implement school adds one spell per spell level of that school of magic to the occultist’s spell list. […]

Each implement school is represented by a small list of objects. Every day, the occultist selects one item from that school’s list to be his implement for the day for each implement school he knows. The occultist needs only one such item to cast spells of the corresponding school, unless he selected that implement school multiple times, in which case he needs one item for each set of spells gained from that school.

This establishes the fact that one can, and in fact must, have one implement for each time they select an implement school.

A year later comes the Pathfinder Player Companion: Psychic Anthology which introduces the Panoply Savant occultist archetype, along with a new kind of "implement school" :

An occultist can select a panoply anytime he selects a new implement school. To do so, he must already have learned to use the implement school of each implement within the panoply at least once. As with any other implement school, when an occultist learns to use a panoply, he gains access to the resonant power and base focus power, and he becomes able to learn the panoply’s other focus powers. He also adds one spell of each spell level to his spell list, and these spells can be taken from any of the implement schools associated with the panoply.

So how many implements can/should a 2nd-level Panoply Savant with the Transmutation and Abjuration implement schools and the Trapping of the Warrior panoply ?

My guess would be three implements, with one being either from the Transmutation or the Abjuration list of possible implements, but it’s not backed up by raw, as choosing a panoply doesn’t exactly grants a "set of spells gained from that school." especially since I can choose a Transmutation spell for the 0-level spell, and an abjuration one for the 1st-level spell.