Can airplane mode provide a “free” I.P. masking service?

My email service always logs the I.P. address of the device from which the email account was accessed(or an unsuccessful login attempt was made) for security reasons.

While going through the list once, I found that I had quite a few different I.P. addresses on that list, most of which were successful logins.

After some thinking, I remembered that I have been putting my phone on airplane mode quite often(which I still do, due to the internet connection dropping quite often at my home). I thought that this process was changing my I.P. address.

So, right now I checked for it again, and found that the last 2 octets of the IPv4 address changed everytime I switched ON(and then OFF) the airplane mode.

What is more interesting is the fact that the location of the device(checked on some online sites) was found to be oscillating between my city and a neighbouring satellite city.

So, my question is that, could this method, if used multiple times a day, act as a "free" I.P. masking service?