Can an Order of Scribes Awakened Spellbook communicate in any way?

Can an Order of Scribes Wizard’s Awakened Spellbook communicate in any way? This seems like it would be up to the DM but it’s not clear whether it is a possibility or an expectation.

Arguments against communication

No rules text gives the spellbook any languages or abilities to communicate, either by speech or telepathically.

The spellbook is not given the ability to perform any actions independently from its user.

Arguments for communication

The description of the subclass references the Awakened Spellbook as a companion one can talk to.

And while all wizards value spellbooks, a wizard in the Order of Scribes magically awakens their book, turning it into a trusted companion. All wizards study books, but a wizardly scribe talks to theirs!

The Awakened Spellbook feature states that the book is sentient.

Using specially prepared inks and ancient incantations passed down by your wizardly order, you have awakened an arcane sentience within your spellbook.

Beyond that, the subclass features refer to the Awakened Spellbook’s mind as an entity able to take a person’s spectral form, who is able to help on certain skill checks and which has a soul.

Finally, an ability for a sentient magic item to perform actions independently of its user is not unusual for sentient magic items.

In-game treatment

Given all this, how should the Awakened Spellbook be treated?

  • Using the rules for sentient magic items? (DMG p.214)
  • As a sentient but unintelligent entity which doesn’t communicate, as would be the case of a familiar obtained from Find Familiar without Pact of the Chain?
  • Some other way?