Can Azure report ‘live migration’ events?

Question: Can the Azure portal report start/end times for any ‘live migration’ of VMs?

My company is migrating VMs from our local data centre (VMWare ESX Server) to Azure cloud (Microsoft Hypervisor). Azure has a feature called ‘live migration’. This automatically migrates VMs between Azure server instances. When live migration occurs, VMs are paused a few seconds.

I suspect ‘live migration’ events may be causing intermittent performance slowdowns we’re seeing 3-4 times a month. Our servers in Azure receive tens of requests a second. Their internal metrics (as measured by themselves) seem fine. But other connected servers see intermittent performance slowdowns.

Additional info: Microsoft Blog on Live Migration:

We’ve seen a similar problem before. ‘Live migration’ seems equivalent to a VMWare feature called ‘vMotion/DRS’ that automatically migrate VMs between physical servers for load balancing. For instance, if a physical server gets heavily loaded, vMotion/DRS automatically moves VMs to another blade in our data center. Several years ago, we observed vMotion/DRS was causing problems with clustering software. We had to disable it for some VMs.