Can caster prove truthfulness with “Zone of Truth”

I’ve seen a lot of posts about how “Zone of Truth” might be defeated by the target. But my character has the opposite problem: he’s extremely truthful but people don’t always believe him. Is there any mechanism for using Zone of Truth to make verifiably True statements?

If I cast ZoT, I know (to first order) who in the zone succeeds or fails. I would also have to make a save, which I could fail voluntarily. Is there any way I could reliably convince my interlocutors that I did indeed fail (note: this isn’t “convince them I’m telling the truth when I’m lying” but “convince them I’m telling the truth when I am.”

One of the great powers of the Aes Sedai First Oath was that if an Aes Sedai made a statement without evasion, then all knew it to be true and reliable. And if the Aes Sedai said “I am not trying to mislead you, you understand my point correctly” it was more powerful. Zone of Truth has precisely the opposite power.