Can clothes be enchanted to change their form?

My question is simple: Can an item(clothes, rings, anything really) be enchanted to change the form of the clothes a person is wearing into other clothes of their decision?

I’m new to D&D and want to play a changeling, maybe not this campaign but sometime in the future. The changelings sound awesome but they can’t change their clothes which kinda ruin the whole personas thing if someone saw you wearing the same clothes before you transformed.

I know there is something called Glamoured Studded Leather, but from what i understand it just make an illusion to look like other clothes, while i prefer to have actual clothes to fit the persona in order to not have an awkward situation or have to explain stuff to npc and such.

So can it be done? Or is changing the form of items not really a thing? Or maybe the Glamoured Studded Leather can be tweaked or changed to actually take the form of other clothes?