Can “Emotional Vampire” aid an Empathy roll?

If an NPC or PC with "Emotional Vampire" rolls empathy to try pick up on something that is connected to the emotion they eat, by the rules of the system does Emotional Vampire give any bonus to that roll?

Or if you want it to help, would it have to be an explicit aspect invoke? (by player or GM if npc)

For instance:

  • A Lust Eater rolls empathy, to see if someone is hiding having an attraction to someone
  • A Fear Eater rolls empathy, to try pick up on if a poker faced individual is nervous/scared inside

And so on so forth with other related examples

I know in the lore of Dresden files they can pick up on these things and it aid them in the equivelant of empathy readings (they’re feeling this) and alertness (someone’s here/over there feeling that) if related to their diet, but I don’t know if that’s factored into rpg rules mechanically at all?