Can glyph of warding be cast on a weapon or ammunition so that an attack activates the glyph?

Can the 3rd-level Clr spell glyph of warding [abjur] (PH 237-8) et al. be cast on ammunition (perhaps necessitating something like the prestige class arcane archer’s special ability imbue arrow) or on a melee weapon so that when it hits a foe a spell glyph triggers or a blast glyph explodes?

Note: In comments on this answer, it was suggested that the special ability imbue arrow be combined with the spell glyph of warding to make arrows have spell or blast effects upon hitting their targets. I put forth that the target of such an arrow wasn’t trying to enter, open, or pass the arrow so the glyph didn’t seem to matter. This question attempts to resolve this issue rather than continue the conversation in comments.