Can I combine those two relations from the relational model?

Hello i have the following task:

Translate the following ER diagram to the relational model. Use as few relations as possible. Do not increase or decrease the capacity. How many relations does the relational model have? Hint: Assume, that attributes are declared as unique to maintain the capacity when merging relations

enter image description here

Now my question:

If It translate the ER diagram to the relational model, than I would get something like this:

Pizza($ \underline{PizzaName}$ )

Person($ \underline{PersonID}$ , PizzaName $ \to$ Pizza, online) (a)

Person($ \underline{PersonID}$ ComputerID $ \to$ Computer (b)

Computer($ \underline{CopmputerID}$

Can I combine (a) and (b)?

Because than I would have 3 Relations and not 4. Would this answer the Task?

I would be thankful if someone can help me. This is an important question for me.