Can I draw a weapon as a part of a Melee Spell Attack?

A spell like Steel Wind Strike requires a melee spell attack. Use an Object (PHB pg193) states, "…such as draw a sword as part of an attack." This doesn’t clarify a spell or weapon attack. Steel Wind Strike requires the use of a melee weapon in the casting, but doesn’t seem to hit with that weapon. You’re doing force damage of 6d10, not the standard weapon damage, so it appears to just be a component for the casting rather than an actual weapon attack (as opposed to spells like Green-Flame Blade ((SCAG pg143)) that uses an actual melee weapon attack first).

So, since an attack with a melee weapon can involve drawing the weapon as a free part of the attack, and Steel Wind Strike uses the weapon as a casting component to make a melee spell attack, can that weapon be drawn as a free part of the melee spell attack action??