Can I gain additional Glyphs of Warding if I know it from multiple traditions?

The description of glyph of warding states that:

The maximum number of glyphs of warding you can have active at a time is equal to your spellcasting ability modifier.

What happens if I know the spell from multiple traditions? Does the highest modifier set the maximum, or do they stack? Does it make a difference if I use the traditions with the same spellcasting ability?

Two examples:

  1. Wizard with Bard dedication and basic spellcasting. Int mod is +4, Cha mod is +3. Can he create 7 or 4 glyphs if he can cast it both as an arcane and an occult spell?
  2. Cleric with Druid dedication and basic spellcasting. Wis mod is +4. Can he set 8 or 4 glyphs if he can cast it both as a divine and a primal spell?