Can I get the email address and other details of an iOS user through a token?

I’m currently working with python Server-side software that does authentication against Apple iOS accounts.

My software gets a payload object that looks like this (submitted by an iOS user acquired from their device):

    payload = {         'token': 'some-apple-token',         'bundle_id': 'com.example.gc-auth-test-1',         'player_id': 'G:89842761',         'public_key_url': '',         'salt': 'txv1rA==\n',         'signature': 'BLAHBLAHBLAH',         'timestamp': 1429121968048,     } 

And then I verify the signature. If the signature checks out as valid, then I can trust that the other fields in the data are legit.

Is there any way I can get the iOS account’s username, email address or the user’s first/last names? Please provide a citation if possible.