Can Phantasmal Force knock and hold someone prone?

Phantasmal Force states:

You create a phantasmal object, creature, or other visible phenomenon of your choice that is no larger than a 10-foot cube and that is perceivable only to the target for the duration. […]

The phantasm includes sound, temperature, and other stimuli, also evident only to the creature. […]

While a target is affected by the spell, the target treats the phantasm as if it were real. The target rationalizes any illogical outcomes from interacting with the phantasm. […] An affected target is so convinced of the phantasm’s reality that it can even take damage from the illusion. A phantasm created to appear as a creature can attack the target. Similarly, a phantasm created to appear as fire, a pool of acid, or lava can burn the target. […]

So, let’s say I create phantasmal red hot chains that come out of the ground, gripping each limb and dragging him down. If the target fails its intelligence save, would it now be prone and taking 1d6 damage?