Can “psionic spell” be dispelled using Dispel Magic?

Situation from my recent game: tree-like supposed-to-be-psionic monster used pain mirror on me (I’m Arcanist). I intended to dispell it with dispell magic but I was informed it’s a psionic effect and I can’t do that. GM supposedly based his judgement on contents of Occult Adventures but all I was able to find is that psychic magic is just another form of magic, next to arcane and divine. So are those types of magic separate or not? Do they affect each other? Should I be able to dispell this "psionic" spell?

Assuming RAW Pathfinder 1st edition, using all of the official Paizo sources, is there even something like "psionics" at all?

Mind that I’m only taking into account RAW and official content. I know there is a Psionics Unleashed book from Dreamscarred Press that tackles the psionics similarly to how D&D 3.5 (which is separate or not, depending on rules variant chosen) but that is NOT part of the question.

Thanks in advance for answers.