Can the Bag of Beans increase an ability score above 20?

The Bag of Beans states:

[…] 81-90: A nest of 1d4 + 3 eggs springs up. Any creature that eats an egg must make a DC 20 Constitution saving throw. On a successful save, a creature permanently increases its lowest ability score by 1, randomly choosing among equally low scores. On a failed save, the creature takes 10d6 force damage from an internal magical explosion. […]

Interestingly, this item does not a list a cap on the increase like nearly every other item:

  • Star card of the Deck of Many Things:

Increase one of your ability scores by 2. The score can exceed 20 but can’t exceed 24.

  • Ioun Stone of Agility:

Your Dexterity score increases by 2, to a maximum of 20 […]

Even Ability Score Increases and similar features clauses under “Class features and Hit Dice” and also under “Ability Score and Modifiers”:

[…] You can’t increase an ability score above 20. […]

[…] Adventurers can have scores as high as 20 […]

There are also a multitude of “half-feats” which include lines like the following:

Increase your Charisma score by 1, to a maximum of 20.

Meanwhile there are other items that explicitly increase the maximum of 20 such as the Manual of Gainful Exercise:

[…] your Strength score increases by 2, as does your maximum for that score.

The Bag of Beans does not list a maximum score from its ability score increases; does this mean it does not have one?

If the inherent maximum is actually 20, does that mean that things like the Ioun Stone of Agility and various half-feats did not have to include “to a maximum of 20” in their descriptions?

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