Can the Meld Into Stone spell be cast on someone else?

I’ve been puzzled by the usefulness of the spell Meld Into Stone, to a point where I’ve wondered if it can be cast on someone else other than the caster. The description for the spell seems to conflict with its range. The description states:

You step into a stone object or surface large enough to fully contain your body, melding yourself and all the equipment you carry with the stone for the duration. Using your movement, you step into the stone at a point you can touch. Nothing of your presence remains visible or otherwise detectable by nonmagical senses. (my emphasis)

So on one hand, given all the references to “you” and “your“, it seems that the spell is only for the caster. But on the other hand, spells that only affect the caster typically have a range of “Self” whereas Meld into Stone has a range of “Touch“. It could be argued that the touch refers to the stone being touched, but could it also mean a target we touch? Can Meld into Stone be cast on someone else other than the caster?