Can the Ollamh Harp and the Anstruth Harp be carried like a lute?

The party stumbled over an old elven city and found an Instrument of the Bards. It is the Anstruth Harp. The scale in the picture is ambiguous. The initial take is that it isn’t a hand held harp (of the kind often seen in pictures of angels playing harps, or something like this 16 string lap harp), but rather like a concert hall harp.
enter image description here
All other Instruments of the Bards – mandolin, lute, cittern – are obviously hand carriable (roughly the size of an acoustic guitar).

Is the illustration deceiving, in that it appears to be a concert hall harp but is actually of a size comparable to a lute-mandolin-cittern, or is this thing as big as a concert hall harp? The detailed item description seems to indicate that it’s something one can use in combat. Our table’s sense of verisimilitude is being strained, a bit.

Is the Anstruth harp ‘guitar sized’ or ‘concert hall sized’?

The problem to solve: can the bard carry it around without needing a few roadies to help him out? (Asking as a player, DM’s initial take was concert hall sized harp).