Can you pull the same enemy multiple times with Grasp of Hadar?

Based on the setting explained by KorvinStarmast in this question, I’d like to know if you can pull someone more than once with Eldritch Blast + Grasp of Hadar if you hit him with multiple blasts (meaning multiple beams or multiple casts of the same cantrip).

The spell description states that you shoot multiple beams as you level up instead of shooting a stronger one, kinda like the Magic Missile spell, which have been ruled by Jeremy Crowford to work a little different from other spells in terms of calculating some effects like the bonus damage from Empowered Evocation like noted in this answer.

I’m aware of the diference in spelling between Grasp of Hadar and Repelling Blast, probably due to 3D combat, but I’m not sure that is really intended to work like that if, for example, you cast it twice while hasted or something like that.