Can you Ready an action with someone’s reaction as a trigger?

The rule for readied action says:

First, you decide what perceivable circumstance will trigger your reaction.

Of course, it’s rather hard to be ready for someone’s else reactions, especially first-met enemies. I’m also aware that what got me thinking about this (the trigger being someone’s attack of opportunity) is very much a meta-thinking (I, as a player, can be well aware of what actions will always trigger AoO’s. Characters in game – not so much). However, I didn’t see anybody asking this question, so what do you think?

Here’s a specific example: a wizard readies a Magic Missile with a trigger "when my familiar gets attacked" and then on the familiar’s turn it sends it within 5ft. of an enemy to do a Help action, and then moves it out of the enemy’s melee reach, which will in turn trigger an AoO, hence a triggering attack.

Also, I saw this answer, but it doesn’t answer my question.