Can you use twinned spell on the same target?

So me and my DM have been arguing on how Twinned spell works.

Twinned spell:

When you cast a spell that targets only one creature and doesn’t have a range of self, you can spend a number of sorcery points equal to the spell’s level to target a second creature in range with the same spell (1 sorcery point if the spell is a cantrip).

I argued that "a second creature" can be a the same target as it is not worded as "another creature"

For this example counter spell with twinned spell.

A wizard casts fireball on me

I use CounterSpell#1 with Twinned Spell

Wizard casts CounterSpell on my CounterSpell#1 I use him as the same

target for my twinned Spell CounterSpell#2

Result countered

Is this possible?